Carrousel – “14”

So artsy we record only by candle light.

First came the music. An acoustic guitar to be exact. Interesting. Good falsetto. Then the symbol. Oooo, I like this… I really like this. Song over. Another beer opened. Then the litmus test– Another song. Yep. On board. A music video and another beer later I found myself tipsy and reading all that I could about Carrousel and their 3 track EP Dream. Which doesn’t prove to be much.

During the reading I stumbled across their Kickstarter page that had barely surpassed the goal of $3,000 to record the very project you may already be listening to. Then to their facebook page where names such as “Hemingway” and “Coltrane” appeared in what seemed to be a self written artistic interpretation of their creative process for this most recent release. So there I am, sitting at my desk– tipsy– excited– and good music bursting from my shitty speakers and the skeptic kicked in. Some publicist probably wrote this. Well, there isn’t any information as wether or not a publicist did, but it goes with out saying that I…

From Tallahassee, FL Carrousel is a 2 piece band reminiscent of a less poppy more folky Freelance Whales with a hint of an airy carnival. As the story goes, the band set forth to record their debut album back in June of 2010 and along the way discovered something– a sound they liked better. They went with it and out came this 3 track EP and the track”14.”

Sometime in February of 2012, you can expect their full length but until then sit down, have a beer, and enjoy Carrousel. You can download the 3 track EP here. Or stream below.

And video goodness.

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