Air Review – “America’s Son”

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaah. I just killed me a rainbow!"

It’s a little overcast today here in normally smog filled sunny LA. But it’s a Friday and no matter the weather a Friday can not be held down in sad shackles. “America’s Son” is a kind folk song that guides you through familiar musical territory with the utmost ease. It’s gentle.

Air Review is a dallas quintet who has been making the rounds since 2009. “America’s Son” is the title track of a 4 track EP that came out earlier this year. To save you time googling the entire 4 track EP is below.

I had all these words written about this song and the band trying to elicit some kind of emotional resonance. Then I watched the video. And then I erased all my words. This is a rare case where I think the video and the song are a perfect fit. Where the video makes the song better and the song the video. Harmony so to speak.

“America’s Son” and the 4 track EP

Moving Pictures

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