Frightened Rabbit – A Frightened Rabbit EP

This album title took years to think of.

Our Scottish indie-rock drought ends today. It ends right now. Frightened Rabbit has a new EP out and he wasted absolutely zero time thinking of a name for it as the not quite a self titled effort is aptly named A Frightened Rabbit EP.  It’s a three track EP that is everything you’ve come to expect from this band if you know them and if you don’t it’s the type of sing-along rock that feels good to belt right along with Scott Hutchison.

F.R. has been selling the EP on their recent tour opening for Death Cab for Cutie. “Fuck This Place” features vocals from Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell and juxtaposes a minimalist build into a loud crescendo. It is probably my favorite track on the EP.

On “The Work” F.R. turns up the Scottish-ness and features vocals from Scottish folksinger Archie Fisher. It’s a solid wind down from “Fuck This Place” to wrap up the EP.

Below is the entire album for your listening and streaming pleasure. If you would like to download it for free then skedaddle over here.

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