Monday Morning Monocle. A Playlist. {10.17.11}

Should we change the name to "Monday Morning Monocle and Moustache?"

Hello Monday. Welcome back to our lives. You are an intriguing day of the week. You are not the official start of the week but for the purpose of starting our lives you are. You get an unfair rep of ruining all the fun. You’re that guy at the party that turns the music down because it’s a little too loud. I mean the work week had to start somewhere and it just happened to be with you. Were there straws drawn? Were you and the rest of the days kickin’ in your parents den listening to some local indie band and decided to draw straws for when the work week would start? I bet you were the most relaxed one of the 7 dwarfs and then years and years of people hating you and associating your name with sadness probably took it’s toll. And here we are. You’re angry, bitter, and broken down. A shell of your former exuberant self. And I’m throwing together a few songs every 7 days so people can try and fight the depression you bring them. Knowing that you bring people sadness, anxiety, and anger can’t be good for your emotional state.

Monday, I understand. I’m sorry it’s had to come to this. Keep your head up though. I always disliked Sunday the most anyway.


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