Futurecop! – “Is It A Crime”

A couple of years ago, I heard a song called “Starworshipper”, and it was excellent. I remember trying to find more content from the producing artist, Futurecop!, but the internet yielded no fruit. Fast forward to last night when I came across this little jewel from the same guys. It seems they had escaped the furthest recesses of my memory, and in that time produced an album+some.

This track, “Is It A Crime”, is new content, likely preceding another LP release. Once again, if I was at all a responsible journalist/blogger/human being, I would do an ounce of research and give you some hard information regarding all of this speculative rambling. Lucky for you, this blog is interactive, meaning that you get to go do that shit yourself!

While you research, you can listen to all the songs I just talked about. Enjoy.

“Is It A Crime”


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