Mozart Parties – “Wish My Thoughts Away”

"Soon I will have all the animals in the forest. Let this serve as an example to those that resist my rule!"

Today it was a toss up between Mozart Parties and Exitmusic and the song with snapping in it won out. Surprise.

Mozart Parties first came to notoriety over the single “Black Cloud” and much press from NME. (50 best new bands of 2011) However my sensibilities have led me to “Wish My Thoughts Away.” (Though both songs are quite similar.)A snappy upbeat yet gloomy laid back jovial tune that has me shoe gazing every time I listen.

“Wish My Thoughts Away” feels like overcast on a warm summer day. The weather is “fine” but nothing is great and you want to do something but can’t get excited about anything. With regards to that “Wish My Thoughts Away” is angst-y but too lazy to be proactive about it.  He just wants to fall asleep and wake up as somebody else.

“And I will be another person./When I get down wish my thoughts away./Leave me with nothing to say./Wake up in another way.”

“Wish My Thoughts Away”


“Black Cloud”

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