5 Word Review: Bon Iver Live @ Gibson Amphitheatre

I had the pleasure of seeing indie god Bon Iver, aka Justin Vernon, at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Tuesday. If you like him, you need to see him live. He put on a great show that was both entertaining and musically impressive, showing off both his vocal range and his true talent at arranging and producing songs that combine a plethora of instruments and rhythms together at once.

My favorite moment of the show is a tie between the floor-stomping, hand-clapping closer “Skinny Love,” or when Vernon started playing “Beth/Rest” and fist pumped.

5 Word Review of Bon Iver Live @ Gibson Amphitheatre:

Vocal Range That Silences Amphitheatres.

For those of you that need a reminder, here’s “Holocene”

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