Emanuel And The Fear – “Over and Over”

Emanuel And The Fear dismissing the notion "You make a better door than a window."

If I say  that today’s song is an 11 person rock orchestra, and you don’t get excited or at least intrigued then I am not in touch with in today’s society or less dramatic “your society.”

Today’s post is an 11 person rock orchestra.

And now for the personal ad:

Emanuel & The Fear is lead by Emanuel Ayvas hailing from Brooklyn, New York. He studied classical composition and scores every aspect of his songs from the horns, to the strings. He can’t stand working hard at anything simply for a paycheck and has noted Nick Cave, Conor Oberst, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Waits, and Kevin Barnes (Of Montreal) as influences on his music and song writing. He’s an easy going fellow who enjoys riding a horse bareback across the beach during red tide.

If you’re into what you hear know that Emanuel is not satisfied with simply 11 band members. Pshh. He’s already performed with a 50 person ensemble at his album release show which still wasn’t enough, ” I envision taking our whole production all over the globe each time expanding, becoming more elaborate and exciting. And I’d love to involve dancers, lights, videos, live painting, and animation and a famous composer type rockstar like Sufjan Stevens or Rufus Wainwright to inspire young musicians. We intend to donate all profits to charity.”

Oh that Emanuel. He’s so philanthropic.  Below is “Over and Over” along with his new EP Hands. That’s the big fun orchestral production. Below that is the stripped down, just a man and his guitar, Kari Granlund type version. Enjoy.

"Over and Over" stripped down. 

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