Mates of State – “Maracas”

Young Geoffrey Rush and hipster Sarah Chalke, anyone?

Husband and wife duo Mates of State are back with another album, Mountaintops, which came out three days ago. If you’ve never listened to them, I strongly suggest you do. Re-Arrange Us is probably one of my favorite albums, though I’m sure that probably means nothing to you.

If you like quirky song rhythms, alternating boy/girl vocals, and aren’t an idiot, you’ll like Mates of State. Also, if you like the New Pornographers, you’ll like them. Very similar sound.

“Maracas” is track two off their latest album, and starts off with spaceship synth noises that only promise greatness. Add some vocal harmonies and a catchy drum beat and you’re on your way to a great song. Listen below, suckers!

One thought on “Mates of State – “Maracas”

  1. If it weren’t for this post, I probably wouldn’t have found out Mates of State had a new album for another four months. And I really like them, so that would have made me SAD. Thank you, Swill Merchants, for making me HAPPY.

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