Gilbere Forte ft. The Kickdrums – “Hello”

My plaid says indie-rock cred. My straight billed hat says hip-hop cred. My glasses say Tina Fey cred.

Would you like the Snickers showing in my right hand or the mysterious gift in my closed left fist? A mystery. That’s the way I would like to set this track up.

But here is one tidbit — for the first 37 seconds the song seems to be going in one direction and when you accept that, and enjoy that, it switches into another and before you can turn it off due to a feeling of betrayal you’re into it. So really “Hello” doesn’t so much let you chose that closed left fist so much as it snatches the Snickers away and forces the door #2 mystery upon you. So as not to ruin anything here is the Soundcloud right in the middle of the post.


Gilbere (Jill-Bear) Forte’s new EP Some Dreams Never Sleep (cool name) comes out Sept. 27th. But in the meantime, if you like what you heard above then jump to this world wide web location. (It’s his bandcamp page)

I highly recommend checking out his other tracks. While I’m a fan of “Dawn” feat. Tame Impala and “1st Floor” featuring Freelance Whales because I think both those bands are great he is much much more than a sample rapper. To many rappers these days are tricking audiences into their talent by sampling great songs by other bands and therefore taking the attention away from actual rhymes. Gilbere doesn’t seem to be that rapper.  For further proof I have posted the video for “Born in ’87” where apparently Gilbere’s heart was screaming “I don’t need a damn hook” for there isn’t even a hint of one. (But there is a hint of a Kanye-esque punctuation at times)


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