This Club – “I Won’t Worry”

Of course you won't little girl. YOU can't get 5-10.

Today is a Friday and you know what that means internet. Yep, a night of poor decisions and great regrets lies ahead. So grab that bottle of mistakes and drink it straight or mix it with some sugary device of deliciousness to give yourself a larger hangover in the morning.

If you’re not in the mood or in the need of a little pick me up to get yourself there I give you the single off This Club’s self titled debut LP. It’s just poppy-fun.  Sometimes that’s all one needs. Just a song. Kind of the purpose of the blog itself.

I’m feeling lazy today so I’ll just let This Club speak for themselves.

“… screaming, shouting and multi-layered vocal acrobatics are still at the heart of what makes this band tick… if the band were going to war with an evil dictator, our motto would be: Don’t be shy, scream louder, eat sexy.”

If they remind you of a band named Horsebox that’s because they use to be Horsebox.

Now please. Go forth, listen, and get ready for Friday because Friday is always ready for you.

And the Soundcloud for you.

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