LUM – “Timbaland”

Ugh, why did I get so drunk and fight that hooker?

North of us here in LA, there is a not so little place called Canada home to the great city of Toronto or otherwise known as the double to every American city you’ve ever seen in a movie or TV show.

Toronto has a storied history of sending us their most talented comedians (John Candy, Michael Myers, Lorne Michaels, etc.) and musicians (Broken Social Scene, Neil Young, and… wait for it… Rush.)

I’m not saying that LUM, birthed as Liam Sanagan, and his hip-hop-folk sound is in the same realm as the epic drum set from the YYZ, but I will say it is a really fun listen. While not all of Liam Sanagan’s songs are like this, “Timbaland” is delivered in an almost spoken word reminiscent of The Hold Steady. The track starts off typically folk like with a plucky background, only to switch at the 4 second mark into what sounds like a remixed Knight Rider theme song. This is not a bad thing. See Jay-Z.

“I think somewhere along the way I dared myself to make a dance song out of folk music, and that what I’ve been doing ever since,” says Sanagan.

LUM is particularly enjoyable because he takes you back to the times when you tried to make music in your basement with your friends and it sounded like a fight between two stray cats on top of your fathers old and out of tune Gibson. The difference between LUM and us is that he has some talent. Hey, we’re all suited for different things.

“… the music is probably best suited for intimate moments as opposed to sweaty crowd moments. Dance music for buses, bedrooms and beaches. Like an afternoon make-out session vs. first base in the DJ booth.” There you have it. Make-out-folk-dance music. Have at it hipsters.

If you enjoy “Timbaland” dock your intergalactic spacecraft here to download the full EP.

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