Florence + The Machine – “What the Water Gave Us”

Florence + The Machine have just announced a new LP, due out November 7th in the U.K. and soon after for us Americanos. Florence has always said she thinks about the music she records bearing in mind how it’ll play live, going for bigger and better sound every time, so I for one am really looking forward to this record. Having heard her blow the roof off the Wiltern and fill the space of The Greek Theater without much effort, I’m excited to hear her try to top that sound.

Here’s a polished version of “What the Water Gave Me,” a track she’s been playing live recently, off the upcoming album. Check it out.

All in all, I do have one thing to say about this: IT’S ABOUT TIME, FLO. Just kidding, I love you. But, really. It’s been over two years since Lungs came out in 2009, so this is a long (but hopefully worth the wait) time coming.

Your move, Mumford & Sons.

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