Raphael Saadiq – “Day Dreams”

Cheer up beehive girl.

A little pick-me-up for a Monday. Something peppy for the afternoon lull.

I can’t claim to be one of those way back in the day Tony! Toni! Toné! fans. For me it took 2002’s Instant Vintage to get on board with Raphael Saadiq but oh man was I on board. I remember using Instant Vintage on a road trip to drown out my sister which may not sound like a compliment but it takes one hell of an album to accomplish that feat.

His newest release Stone Rollin’  which really isn’t terribly new (May 2011) is the most recent piece to his eclectic career. Then Saadiq did something that was clearly aimed directly at me.  He made a music video and cast former Marquette University cheerleader (unofficial) Study Poison. Better known as Danny Pudi or Abed from Community. So while the album isn’t brand new the video for “Day Dreams” came out just four days ago. Not like a post that features Danny Pudi and Raphael Saadiq needs a good reason anyway.

And the Soundcloud for you.

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