Edward R. – “Wolves and the Water”

I can’t quite place what makes a song resonate with me immediately. Sometimes I know within the first few notes that I’m on board. Maybe a certain instrument? A lyric? The beat? Or just gut instinct.

The enigmatic Edward R., who is only seemingly enigmatic due to the fact that he hails from Melbourne, Australia and only has one Soundcloud offering available, has given me one of these songs in “Wolves and the Water.” I knew instantly that I’d press repeat the second it was over. The etherial piano. The Bon Iver-like voice that quickly turns into something more original, more soulful. The build up. It’s all great.

You can imagine this song being played softly in a cafe, loudly with the windows down, alone in a dark basement, on screen in a movie trailer, or over a hype-up motivational video. And that’s why it works so well. It manages to work anywhere, while still feeling incredibly personal. If there’s more like this to come, we’re in for a treat.

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