Madeon – “Pay No Mind (feat. Passion Pit)”

Perhaps more electro than we usually feature on this site, Madeon is a now-20-year-old music producer from France who shot into stardom after uploading a live mashup to YouTube called “Pop Culture” in 2011 (video below… still incredible).

Now matured but still just a kid, Madeon is set to release his first full-length album later this year. A few days ago, he dropped “Pay No Mind,” featuring Passion Pit (and thus Michael Angelakos vocals), an immediately catchy song that could easily thrive in the Coachella Sahara Tent scene or as a national radio play. It differs from a typical Passion Pit song in its production, but still feels like a natural fit because it doesn’t fall into the traps of typical dubstep or recent electronic music. Rather, Madeon’s style infuses a French, almost Daft Punk-like vibe to the song that, at least for me, makes it far more effective and far more listenable. One could easily see Madeon branching out into mainstream pop production if he so desired. In the meantime, check out “Pay No Mind” below via Soundcloud, and the infamous “Pop Culture” video below that.

“Pay No Mind”

“Pop Culture”

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