San Fermin – “Jackrabbit”

One of my favorite moments at a concert is watching a band you love play a song you’ve never heard before and having that song blow you away. Some semi-recent memories, off the top of my head:

The Temper Trap – “Love Lost” (Live in London, 2009)

Lucius – “Don’t Just Sit There” (Live in Los Angeles, 2013)

San Fermin – “Jackrabbit” (Live in Los Angeles, 2014)

San Fermin had one of my favorite albums of 2013, ranked almost equally with Lucius, whose female vocals graced San Fermin’s debut album. With Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig off touring with Lucius, frontman Ellis Ludwig-Leone had to look to someone else and found Rae Cassidy. She performed well when I saw them at The Echo, but something felt missing. It was a small stage, it was one voice instead of two — Ellis and San Fermin felt destined for bigger and bolder things.

A few months back, I saw that bigger and bolder thing. Rae had parted ways with the band and in stepped Charlene Kaye, whose voice and persona made it seem like the band had always had her in mind and she was just biding her time. Even though I couldn’t help but prefer Holly/Jess’ original vocals on their songs from 2013, “Jackrabbit” blew me away. It’s a new song, just released officially a few weeks ago, and finds Charlene as a fully-formed part of the band. I no longer miss the Lucius girls (aside from their own recordings).

It’s a song that’s meant to be played loud. It’s a song that showcases Ellis’ prowess as a songwriter/producer, and really shows off the power of the band. Months ago they felt a bit too big for The Echo — now they feel too big for the El Rey.

Their sophomore album drops in April — here’s to hoping it blows us all away. “Jackrabbit” is below:

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