Novelty Daughter – Novelty Daughter EP

Novelty Daughter strictly performs in a celestial sea.

While taking in the progressive soulful stylings from this Los Angeles born Connecticut living artist I stumbled across a litmus test of how much I liked the self titled EP. I was momentarily frustrated the tracks were only on Bandcamp for I could not listen to them on the go in Spotify or Soundcloud. That was until I later found the Soundcloud files and was relieved but nonetheless I wanted the sounds with me. I wanted to listen to them while I walk, in the car, at the grocery store, I simply wanted to listen to the songs all of the time. 

Novelty Daughter is Faith Harding and Harding, from what I can tell, is a student at Wesleyan University. Under the local L.A. Sterocure label, she released the self-produced EP in August.  An EP that is cohesive and innovative. It captures a timeless jazzy vocal appeal while maintaing bold modern aesthetic.  Simply, it’s unique and excellent. 

The EP checks in at around fifteen minutes which, if you ask me, is not nearly long enough right now. 


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