Thumpers – “Dancing’s Done”

You look at your feet. I’ll looks wistfully into the distance. It will be in black and white and music blogs will LOVE us.

So this track is rather wonderful. It’s rather fun. It’s rather clap-y. It’s rather joyful. It’s a song that when I first heard it I knew exactly I wanted to send it to a couple of friends. Of course that’s a good barometer to tell if you like something and then how much you like something. If you like it a little you can email it to your friends, g-chat it to them or if you’ve updated your Spotify app you can even text a song to them. If you like it a lot perhaps you Facebook it or tweet it as once that’s out, coming from your name, your person, it’s a reflection on yourself. You’re stating, I like this thing enough to want to tell everyone I am electronically interconnected with. Or your stating I hate this thing so much I need to tell everyone I can that I can’t stand it. Rarely is anyone tweeting or making status updates on things they think are merely fine or simply enjoyable. It’s a medium of extremes. Really these outlets have just given everyone their own little mountain top to scream from. Of course music blogs aren’t any different. That’s not lost on me. It just allows us to scream more than 140 words. A mountain top for the longwinded if you will.

So here I am, politely hollering at you to click play on the below song created by a duo called Thumpers from London. Specifically they’re from Dalson and according to wikipedia the area is going through a gentrification process which probably means there’s lots of artsy-fartsy types hanging around. I mean out of all the places in Britain, in 2009 The Guardian proclaimed Dalson as the “coolest” place to live. With that bit of info Thumper band members, M. Pepperell & John Hamson Jr. are also cool which means their music is cool, and you’re cool if you listen to it. Don’t you want to be cool?

Below is “Dancing’s Done” which came out Feb. 4th. However, below that is their even newer track “Innocence” which came out March 1st. It’s a cover of a Bjork song done with a 22-piece female choir called Gaggle.

Be cool, ya’ll.

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