Allosaurus – “Emma Jane”

Ecstasy meets Scrabble.

I’ve heard this song fifteen times or so and still have no idea what it’s about.  Not because it’s got intricate lyrics or complicated metaphors or anything like that, it’s just so good that I haven’t bothered to listen to the words.  It’s titled Emma Jane, so my guess is it’s a love song about how this girl makes this boy feel really good.  But it could also be about murdering Emma Jane.  Either way, it’s completely danceable.

Emma Jane is a pretty straight-ahead track.  From the standard drum machine to the clean, fluttering synthesizer, it’s got all the elements of a classic 80’s dance track with a modern twist, that it’s good.  Allosaurus is an electro-pop duo from Canada.  They’ve got the pop-sensibility of Cut Copy and pre-Congratulations MGMT coupled with the etheric sparkle of the now-defunct Bikini.  Their album, Old Solar, is pretty solid, but it’s been out for a long time, so don’t try to act cool by talking about it to cool people.

Also, I just realized I probably didn’t have to specify ‘duo’ in electro-pop duo.  That’s basically implied.  Something about electro-pop always causes it to coalesce into duos.  I’ve never heard the phrase ‘electro-pop’ trio.  It just works best in pairs.  Electro-pop is the Helium of the Periodic Table of Musical Elements.  Adding a third person would fundamentally change it, morphing it into a stripped-down 70’s garage rock revival element:  Lo-fithium.  Which is very unstable and practically impossible to dance to.

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