TORRES – “Honey”

Reminds me of another Nashville artists photo... Jack White anyone?
Reminds me of another Nashville artists photo… Jack White anyone?

Hailing from Nashville, TN the infancy of 2013 has been good to 22 year old Mackenzie Scott who goes by the musical name of Torres. Praise for her track “Honey” has come from many ballyhooed internet tastemakers spanning from one end of the popularity spectrum (Pitchfork) to the opposite (this site). Just saying, I doubt she puts this post on her facebook page, but that won’t be for a lack of hyperbole.

At points Scott wails controlled over her Gibson 335, the quake in her voice guided by a building kick drum, and she makes you a promise of a thunderous and raucous end that ultimately she chooses to not keep. There’s something to be said about the skill of an artist who is able to lead you up a hill, take you to the edge, peer over it, and instead of being sucked down by a gust of wind, calmly turning on their heel to whence they came.

Doing all that as dexterously as Scott has, at only 22 and when you’ve only shown the world three songs is damn impressive.

“Maybe some other time then,” she quietly sings at the end of “Honey” but we won’t have to wait too long as her debut album is due out Jan. 22nd. One can only hope we get more raw and skillful tracks that bellow with this level earnestness.

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