Milo Greene – “1957”

If you listen to any of the songs I posted this morning, listen to this one. I just stumbled across these guys and they are fantastic. They toured with The Civil Wars a bit this past year and will be headlining the Troubadour in LA with opening act Little Hurricane, who I posted about here.

They have a great sound, similar to The Civil Wars in heartfelt folk but with a bit more of a forceful rock sound. They’re like if The Civil Wars and Of Monsters and Men had a Californian baby that they wrapped in a flannel blanket and fed PBR. Maybe not that last part. You get the idea.

Check out “1957” below, but really you should check out the whole EP courtesy of the below Bandcamp, because it’s great. The full length LP will be available in July. Until then, enjoy this note from Milo on the Bandcamp page:

These are some songs we wrote and recorded in the homes of our family and friends in Placerville, Shaver Lake, Los Angeles, and Santa Ynez, California. You can’t buy them yet, but a full length album will be available July 17th 2012! Thanks so much for listening. xo Milo Greene.



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