The Shins – “Port of Morrow” Album

Hello, folks. Been a little bit, sorry for the slow posting. Some of us have day jobs. Good news, though. The new album from The Shins, Port of Morrow, came out yesterday and it’s on Spotify! Hooray!

Also, it’s wonderful. It both in my mind provides a fill of nostalgia I’ve been missing from my life for a while, as well as re-proclaims The Shins’ spot in the indie rock landscape for a present day audience. That’s a fancy way of saying I like it.

The Spotify link is below, as well as the first track off the album, “The Rifle’s Spiral.” Also, actually, I’m gonna include the video for the single off the album, which came out a few weeks ago, but is a great video. Song is “Simple Song.


“The Rifle’s Spiral”

“Simple Song” Video

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