Anonymous – “If You Say So”

I think at this point I should probably admit that I have a problem when it comes to musicians from the Pacific Northwest. I’m addicted. However, the weird part is that it’s usually after I’ve already decided I like the music that I find out they’re from Portland (or Seattle). Is there some code embedded in my Portlander DNA that makes me attracted to rainy day folk music? Someone should do a study on me. For science.

I was reading a Pitchfork article this morning and came across a massive list of other artists posting their “Top Tens” of the year, and read that one of Robin Pecknold from Fleet Foxes’ favorite things was an album called To My Long Lost Love by an anonymous Portland artist. Yes, anonymous. How indie is that? Answer: VERY.

Obviously, I’m intrigued. Firstly, because the artist is “anonymous,” and secondly, because they’re from Portland. But mostly because I like Robin Pecknold and Fleet Foxes had one of the best albums of the year (in my opinion).

The bandcamp I found online only has two songs available for streaming, but it did not disappoint. I’ve already listened to the below track, “If You Say So” about five times in a row. It reminds me a little bit of early Dandy Warhols (the slower stuff), and also makes me want to drive in the rain in, you guessed it, Portland. While I hunt for the full album, enjoy the track below and pray for rain.

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