Hudson – “Against the Grain”


Hello, dear reader.

Today I bring to you a band from Melbourne, Australia! This weekend I learned (whilst in discussion with a Kiwi), that Melbourne is pronounced "Melben" by our friends dayun undah! I don't know why they choose to neglect the "r", but fuck them. Learn2English.

I know I usually feign apathy or neglect and then talk about how shitty of a journalist (read: blogger, let's not get ahead of ourselves here lolz) I am, but this time I actually tried to educate myself and drop some knowledge. Of course, the ONE TIME I put in any effort, the internet gods deny me any fruit. Anyways, without further adieu here is "Against the Grain" by Hudson.


The song is pretty alright, but the music video is what sold me. It's actually kind of cheesy but I was still mesmerized. I hope you liked it. If you didn't I don't care so maybe go fuck yourself.

If you did like the song and took it upon yourself to find more info or content from these strapping fellows, please feel free to showcase how much better you can do my job than I can and post about it in the comments. ❤

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