Rubblebucket – Interview & “Down in the Yards”

Little known fact. Shirts are overrated.


Recently I was able to catch up with east coast octet Rubblebucket as they made their way across the country. I spoke with with Alex Toth (trumpet and background vocals) as their van rumbled it’s way to St. Louis. Alex, being the team player that he is, often checked with the rest of the van to get their opinions on such thought provoking questions as, “what is the one vice that you guys need when you’re touring?”

The group comes to L.A. this Friday at The Bootleg. The venue is intimate and great. You can’t beat the $10 ticket, plus Rubblebucket has earned a reputation for great live shows. You can purchase tickets here.  How can you not get excited about a band who if it was to make any request of their audience it would be to get dressed up in costume. (and then possibly join them on stage?)

Below is the brand new video for “Down In The Yards” off their new record Omega La La directed by their own drummer Dave Cole, along with the interview and the song “Came Out of a Lady.” (I added a simple little intro to the interview because it needed something at the head and because I thought it was silly.)

Note: You are about to have your imagined voice of me ruined. It’s always odd reading someone, hearing their words in your head with a voice that you created for them and then actually hearing their voice later. So ladies and gentleman be prepared to think oh… he sounds and talks like that? Well, that’s nothing like James Earl Jones.

The Interview

“Came Out of a Lady”

“Down in the Yards”

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