The M Machine – “Glow” et al.


The M Machine is likely a band (Maybe not a band? Maybe like just a dude on his macbook, or two dudes, or 6 people around a computer? Regardless, I’m going to pretend The M Machine is collective from here on out, so plural pronouns will be the mot du jour. Deal with it) you’ve never heard of, which makes them credible. I know you’ve never heard of them because I’ve never heard of them, and that kind of logic is infallible thanks to the prodigious size of my hipster ego. [Editor’s note: The M Machine is nothing new, this poster is just an idiot]

I think that Skrillex might have endorsed them, or perhaps Skrillex is involved? I don’t know. This isn’t a fucking research blog so if you’re really that curious use the googlez.

Anyways, here is some of their music. I like the first track more, but the latter seems to hint that Skrillex may truly have a hand (read: there is a section that sounds like a giant robot frog with emphysema releasing a festering belch inside of a giant cave). Enjoy.


“Promise Me a Rose Garden”

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