The Fiery Piano – “Sirens”

Look at this adorable little kid and his... moustache?

There has always been something romantic about making music in your bedroom or basement. You, maybe a few friends, a mic, and a computer. It’s intimate and without restraints. Heck, it’s what every band does more or less before they make it huge.

Recently Youth Lagoon has taken the idea of the bedroom artist to another level gaining a large following web based and otherwise. Is The Fiery Piano next? Psh, I don’t know. I’m not a soothsayer. However, I really like Gustaf Montelius’ “Sirens” and that’s enough to land yourself on the pirate ship.

“Sirens” sounds as if it could come off the Bright Eyes effort Cassadaga. We’re not talking about matching Conor Oberst’s voice here but musically it’s similar and lyrically it’s intimate. ”

Shacking up in the dance-pop-centric Sweden you can see that some of that inherent catchiness has rubbed off on Mr. Montelius. Sirens” is musically upbeat with lyrics of heartbreak and instead of using a real drum kit, or even a drum machine, Montelius used  used chopped-up field recordings and cut-and-paste samples as his rhythm section.

“Sirens” is the single off his debut EP. I feel it’s the strongest track off a solid debut presentation. You can download the 4 track EP from his bandcamp page here for keeps or relax those finger tips and stream below.


“Horrible Thoughts”

“Wild Animals”

“A Murderous Consequence”

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