Keaton Henson – “You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are.”

His highness Giant Pocket Square.

There are some artists and some songs that strike you as unabashedly honest. As if they were singing from a journal that they themselves were to afraid to put on paper and the music behind their words is the blanket they hide under to make it all okay. I don’t know much about Keaton Henson, but then again no one really does.

What is known is that he is an extremely reclusive London based artist. In the case of Keaton Henson I use artist in the widest scope of the word because in addition to being a song-writer he is a poet and illustrator.

“The songs i’ve put online are 7 of over 100 written since i was in pink converse and wearing headphones at the dinner table (about 16). The fact that people can hear them is terrifying… The fact that the people they’re about might hear them is mortifying… I started charging for illustration in order to afford studio time. And got carried away.”

It is the mix of isolation, topic, and honesty that Keaton Henson reminds me of Bon Iver. Perhaps the song “You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are” illustrates that the best. The song is entirely made up of questions he is seemingly posing to his ex. It’s quite depressing but entirely stirring. At the 1:15 mark “Does he know not to talk about your dad,” is a perfect example of this as his anger and sadness picks up and his voice quivers to a pause.

If you like what you hear click here to watch the music videos for six of his songs. Below is “Charon.” Watch it if you’re into muppet deaths. For his illustrations jump here.

Currently available is his debut album Dear… along with his 7″ Metaphors.

And the Soundcloud for “You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are.”


The video for “Charon.”

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