Hot Horizons – “October”

I can't wait until all of this is a mall. Mmm, Panda Express.

Hot Horizons are made up of the brothers McCarthy from Leiester, England. For “October” imagine Fleet Foxes or Grizzly Bear laying out on the beach in some place in southern California sipping on their alcohol of choice while taking in some sun and relaxation. When you’re there send a ticket back to the UK and bring over your favorite dub artist, give him a valium, and ask him to loosely hangout in the background. Once they fall asleep, and their dreams all get on the same page you’ll have “October.”

Look for Hot Horizon’s full length record Memories I Never Had. Currently their EP All of This is available on iTunes and other locales across the internet.

Fun fact: The two brothers recorded an EP in their bedroom which they have dubbed Dick Art. 

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