M83 – “Intro (feat. Zola Jesus)”

It’s really too bad I already used “EVERYBODY SHUT UP” to get your attention, because if there’s one album I’m most excited about this year, it’s M83’s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. Due out in October, it’s a double album from frenchman Anthony Gonzalez who promises it to be “very, very, very epic.” He literally used those words. How is no one else peeing their pants right now?

Then, he released the title and album cover (above), which looks like a deleted scene from a Where the Wild Things Are sequel. Again, right in my wheelhouse. Quick! Somebody call Spike Jonze and tell him to direct an M83 music video. I’d do it, but my incredibly threatening 5’2″ stature would probably just scare him away.

Then, he released “Midnight City,” track 2 off the album, which is the best song I’ve heard in weeks, and arguably the only song I’ve heard in weeks. Repeat button? Yes, please.

Now, comes “Intro,” the first track on the album, featuring Zola Jesus — released just hours ago. Listen below, and then start clapping to yourself because you’ve become just as excited as I am. “Midnight City” is below as well.


“Midnight City”

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