Allie Moss – “Corner”

Allie Moss only looks right.

It is said that Allie Moss gave up a promising career as an office manager to become the tour manager and guitarist for Ingrid Michaelson. I think that was a pretty strong choice that young Allie made. Also, she loves making sandwiches.

The song that initially grabbed grabbed my attention was “Corner.” It’s a minimalist production with clapping and acoustic guitar. Allie knows what the song means to her, but would prefer that you take away your own meaning from it. If you are a lover of television, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve already heard Allie on Bones or Pretty Little Liars. Oh, those music supervisors are so hip and trendy aren’t they?

Currently, Allie has taken her curly locks on the road with a tour of her own. The “Intergalactic Tour of the Universe and Beyond” is making its way around the country and stops in Los Angeles tomorrow night at Hotel Cafe before making its way to San Diego. Tickets here. Joining Allie are the talented Bess Rogers and Ian Axel. Two thirds of your Swill Merchants team will be in attendance, pinkies out and sipping on well whiskey. Ahh, the finer parts of cheap drinking.

You can stream her whole album Late Bloomer here, or you could just look below. As always, The Swill brings you convenience.


Tid Bit Bonus: Allie and previous Swill Merchant post Jenny O. are amigas. Jenny O. actually wrote and recorded this short number as a kickstarter reward for Allie.

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