Tame Impala – “Elephant”

It’s not often a band comes along that has the ability to transform you to a different era: a different sound, a different feeling. Bands like Portugal. The Man, for example, accomplish this feat by bringing the spirit of the Beatles to 2012.

With Tame Impala, it’s fuzzy¬†psychedelic 1960s rock that comes buzzing through my airwaves to 2012, pulling me in through the speakers as I waltz into an acid trip. That’s what happened in the 60s, right? More on point, “Elephant,” a new(ish) track by the band, transports me directly into the below video from Dumbo — Pink Elephants on Parade. Listen to this song and I dare you to not agree that the band wrote it while either a) watching Dumbo; b) on acid; c) A & B.

Other acceptable analogies: Any scene from Fantasia, and any scene with Huffalumps from Winnie the Pooh.


“Pink Eleplants on Parade”

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