Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

We’re back and we’re keeping it local today ladies and gents. Just a short drive to Encinitas and you may find Sadie, Eye Lid Kid, Dirty Girl, and Mr. Landis harmonizing. Along with a few of my malcontent friends.

I don’t much about Tan Sister Radio, but I do know they like to tap into the idea of giving birth to describe themselves and their actions. From saying they sound like,

“Nirvana giving birth to Talking heads giving birth to Sleep giving birth to The Monkees giving birth to Sonic Youth giving birth to Portugal The Man giving birth to the Pixies giving birtha to Nirvana and forming an endless loop of babies’ babies”

To dropping the words “afterbirth” and “rebirth” on their facebook page along with describing time as a “babies worth of months” I feel this may be one band you need to hide your children from. They appear to be obsessed and I’m worried they may steal yours.

But if you’re able to get past this, as I have, you’re in for a treat and must listen to the cheery “Flashing Vents.” It’s a fun four minute  jaunt down a piano, drum, and guitar laden road.

Pancakes happen to be my favorite food so any band that names a song after those perfect pillowy bits gets automatic space on this here blog quicker than _________. (some baby reference here)

To the cloud.

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