Alright, people. It’s time to play name things that Kari likes. Round one, let’s do this. This isn’t really a game, this is just you reading things I list about myself to be true. But couldn’t you just lie? No, stupid reader, because a) I’m honest and b) there’s written evidence of all these things on the blog already.

1) I like people from Scandinavian countries.

2) I like boy/girl combo singing a la Mates of State, Tennis, etc.

3) I like folk music.

4) I like bands with big numbers and big arrangements, brass sections encouraged.

Guess what? This next band has ALL OF THOSE THINGS. They’re called Of Monsters and Men, which is hopefully somehow a reference to Of Mice and Men, in which case they’d also get 5) literary references. This Icelandic band is basically a slightly more poppy version of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. The voices are slightly cleaner, and there’s definitely a trumpet section. Also similar: Mumford & Sons, a more folky Arcade Fire. I like them a lot. And now you will, too. Find two songs below! Do it!

“Little Talks”

“Dirty Paws”

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